BEESWAX-16 oz (1 lb.) Pure-Hexagon Block
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Prairie Rock Honey is the finest honey in the world.

Consists of 16 oz. (1 lb) hexagon block of pure Beeswax. 

Prairie Rock Beeswax is raw, pure, and we never use any chemicals in our hives!

The Beeswax is a high demand item.  Hard to find! Here at Prairie Rock Honey Company we provide to the demand of our customers and have selected the best beeswax from our hives.

  • 100% natural and filtered
  • Cosmetic Grade
  • Highest quality beeswax

Beeswax is the oldest and purest wax in the world.  At honey harvest time the honeycombs are carefully opened to allow for honey to drain from the comb.  The bees seal the honey into the combs with wax "capping" placed over every cell filled with honey.  This capping is removed at harvest and is used in the production of our beeswax which is scented with the sweet aroma of honey.

We are proud that you have chosen Prairie Rock Honey!

Thank you and we hope you continue to use Prairie Rock Honey.

Beekeeping is becoming a lost art due to the intense hard work, bee population shrinkage from environmental impact and the loss of natural habitat of the native prairies and wildflowers for the honeybees. We are determined to continue to overcome the adversities and provide a honey that is mild and excellent in taste.

By purchasing this product you have helped Prairie Rock Honey preserve or restore the Tallgrass Prairie! A high percentage of our sales goes back to providing a habitat for the honey bees to collect nectar from the prairie.  You can help also! Donations are always accepted to help preserve or restore the American Prairie.

Also, we are located near Luverne, Minnesota. This beautiful prairie town in Southwest Minnesota provides a small town, historical, life on the prairie located at the base of the Sioux quartzite Blue Mounds.

Again Thank You and we hope you continue to use Prairie Rock Honey!

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BEESWAX-16 oz (1 lb.) Pure-Hexagon Block

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