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~ The Siebenahler’s ~

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Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.

Prairie Rock Honey is a small family business. The owner, John Siebenahler, thrive on quality and perfection and is becoming a worldwide household name. Prairie Rock Honey is located near Luverne, Minnesota. This beautiful prairie town in Southwest Minnesota provides a small town, historical, life on the prairie located at the base of the Sioux quartzite Blue Mounds.

Beekeeping is becoming a lost art due to the intense hard work, bee population shrinkage from environmental impact and the loss of natural habitat of the native prairies and wildflowers for the honeybees. We are determined to continue to overcome the adversities and provide a honey that is mild and excellent in taste.

Many people ask why is Prairie Rock Honey different? To answer the question, for honey to be considered pure and raw there are two things; do not over heat or pasteurize honey and also do not filter the honey.  99% of beekeepers and packers of honey do this because it is a much faster way to bottle.  We are the only beekeepers that I am aware of that do it the old traditional way of no filtering and no over heating.  It is a much slower process but you will get all the pollen and enzymes in our honey which has trmendous benefts to your health.

When we extract our honey from the hives, instead of filtering the wax out of the honey with strainers we use a series of baffles to collect the wax and particles. Wax is lighter and floats along the top and collects at each baffle station while the pollen and enzymes flows with the honey. This makes a complete honey and much better tasting and healthier.

Prairie Rock Honey never spoils or goes bad. It is an anti-bacterial food product. It preserves itself. It is the only food product in the world that never goes bad. It is hard for the general public to look at different kinds of honey on the shelves and determine one better than the other. But we tell people to buy honey direct from a beekeeper or know where it is coming from, like us here at Prairie Rock Honey Company, someone that you can trust and may ask a lot of questions.

Never, never buy store brand or big packer honey! It is ultra filtered and has been through an over heating process. It is normally blended honey from China, India, Argentina and U.S.A.. There is absolutely no benefits to eating that type of honey. Prairie Rock Honey Company is from our hives from Luverne, Minnesota U.S.A. and surrounding area.

One other thing you must know, all beekeepers use a pesticide pad in there hives as a preventative to kill the varroa mite and other unwanted insects. This is a chemical pad that is used!  It will end up in the honey even in small traces.  Prairie Rock Honey Company does not use any kind of pesticide pad or chemicals in our hives! Again, we are the only know beekeeper that does not use this.  If we did get the varroa mite, which we never have, in a hive(s) we would eliminate that hive(s), like the wild bees did in the past, naturally!


By purchasing Prairie Rock Honey products you have helped Prairie Rock Honey preserve or restore the Tallgrass Prairie! A high percentage of our sales goes back to providing a habitat for the honey bees to collect pollen and nectar from the prairie. 

You can help also!

Donations are always accepted to help preserve or restore the American Prairie.

To learn more about the Tallgrass Prairie and the natural habitat for honeybees we are offering to you the DVD; America’s Prairie: Where The Sky Began! With every donation to us to help preserve the prairie you will receive the DVD free of charge! Please use the Contact Us tab at the top to request where to send the donations.

Again, Thank You, for taking the time to learn more about the Prairie Rock Honey Company 

and we hope you continue to use Prairie Rock Honey for many years!